Fr. Tom DiLorenzo

Fr. Tom DiLorenzo has been kind enough to allow Running Streams Music to produce and distribute his anointed songs. To purchase any of the songs on this site as a downloadable MP3 click on the cart icon and you will be directed to the CB Baby store.  A portion of the sale price for all of Fr. Tom's songs sold on this site goes to support Fr. Tom's "In Season And Out Of Season" radio and television ministry. 

If you would like to be contacted when new music is uploaded to the site please add your name to our e-mail list.

Here is an excerpt of Alan Bessette singing Fr. Tom's "Crystal Clear River" from the "Like a Deer" CD.

This next song is an excerpt of Alan singing Fr. Tom's "Let The River Flow" from the "Like a Deer" CD.

Here is an excerpt of a version of Crystal Clear River with a modified ending. On the "Like A Deer" CD "Crystal Clear River" flows immediately into "Let The River Flow" so if you listen to Crystal Clear River separately it seems to end rather abruptly. In this version the ending fades out and may be more pleasing to the ear if listened to without the follow on song.

Here are excerpts from the medley of Fr. Tom's "Crystal Clear River" and "Let The River Flow" as it was originally recorded on the "Like a Deer" CD. The medley can be purchased at a reduced price as compared to purchasing each song separately.